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What’s Xur Offering Destiny Players This Weekend?

Destiny 2, Xur

What’s Xur Offering Destiny Players This Weekend?

Plus, where’s the elusive merchant hiding?

It’s Friday, which for Destiny players can only mean one thing: Xur’s back!

First off, you’ll need to find the particularly elusive and mysterious merchant. The ‘Agent of the Nine’ can be found hiding in the tunnels in the very right of portion of the Reef, which acts as the home base for the Awoken.

And now for the weapons. This weekend only, players can spend either 23 Strange Coins to acquire the ‘Bad Juju’ pulse rifle from Xur, or alternatively if you’ve got a few more Strange Coins to spare and are willing to take a gamble, players can buy the Legendary Special Weapons Engrams for 31 Strange Coins.

Concerning the class-based armor that Xur offers: Hunters can pick up the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets, Titans can grab a helmet called the Helm of Saint-14, and Warlocks can purchase the Starfire Protocol chest armor piece, all of which will cost the player 13 Strange Coins.

In other Destiny news, update 2.2.0 is now live for all players to download. You can find a guide on how to kick off the brand new quest line here, as well as a guide on how to obtain a Taken Sword here.

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