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Destiny: How to Get a Taken Sword, The Dreadfang

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Destiny: How to Get a Taken Sword, The Dreadfang

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The latest Destiny update has brought back a lot of weapons from Year 1, but a new one has caught the eye of many players.

The Dreadfang sword is a new heavy weapon that pulses with Taken energy. Getting your own Taken sword requires following a new quest.

The first step to getting the Dreadfang is the At The Gates quest, which you can find by following our guide. Variks will send you to the Dreadnaught for a new story mission. You’ll take on the new Taken boss Malok in this mission for a boss fight.

Next, the quest will have you kill Taken enemies and pick up the “Echoes of Malok” quest items that they drop. This can be accomplished quickly on Dreadnaught story missions or Patrol. If you’re on Patrol, visit the Court of Oryx to summon large groups of Taken.

This will unlock the Blighted Chalice strike. The boss of this strike can pollute sections of the floor with Taken energy that slows you and disables your ability, so watch out for the danger zones.

After beating this strike, return to the Reef and Variks will have your Taken sword ready at 320 Light. The Dreadfang is a Void sword that has the special “Will of Light” perk which deals bonus damage to Taken enemies.

If you choose to infuse this sword into another Heavy weapon, you can purchase another from Variks. However, the Dreadfang he sells is only 280 Light and requires one Legendary Heavy Weapon engram and 5000 Glimmer.

There’s plenty more to discover in the latest Destiny update, so check back soon for more guides and news.


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