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Destiny: How to Get Sterling Treasure


Destiny: How to Get Sterling Treasure

What is Sterling Treasure

Destiny Sterling Treasure

Destiny’s April Update adds a crucial new item that is going to be your new best friend when it comes to obtaining a lot of the new glamour gear. That item is the Sterling Treasure Mystery Bag.

Sterling Treasure is the primary way to obtain new Chroma and Taken themed gear that has been added in Destiny’s April Update. You want to look like a bad ass Taken guardian? You’re going to need Sterling Treasure. Did you want to deck out your new Dead Orbit gear with some sick white glowing Chroma accents. Same thing.

There’s also a bunch of other class specific gear and consumables that will be obtainable via these mystery bags. So it’s in your best interest to know the best way to get Sterling Treasure.

Move on over to the next page to find out the best ways to get a consistent source of Sterling Treasure each week.

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