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Japanese Pokemon Fans Chose the 20 Most Handsome Pokemon


Japanese Pokemon Fans Chose the 20 Most Handsome Pokemon

Who’s that Pokemon?

Pokemon appeals to a wide audience not just for their skills, but for their dashing good looks. In a recent Japanese poll, 500 fans voted for the most handsome Pokemon which have been ranked in a list of 20.

According to Otakomu and Anime News Network, respondents to the poll were between the ages of 20 and 30, and the sampling was 50 percent men and 50 percent women.

Mewtwo topped this list of handsome pocket monsters, with legendary dragon Lugia in second place and Charizard in third.

Maybe Mewtwo’s tragic backstory and heroism in The First Movie attracted fans. Or it could be its confident demeanor and cool temper. Either way, Japanese Pokemon fans have agreed that Mewtwo is the most handsome monster in the game’s massive roster.

Here’s the full results if you’re scouting for good-looking Pokemon talent.

1. Mewtwo
2. Lugia
3. Charizard
4. Lucario
5. Suicune
6. Scyther
7. Ninetails
8. Arcanine
9. Darkrai
10. Machamp
11. Scizor
12. Garchomp
13. Gyarados
14. Absol
15. Houndoom
16. Rayquaza
17. Groudon
18. Latios
19. Fearow
20. Zoroark

Do you agree with this list? What Pokemon would you put on top of the “most handsome” list? Let us know in the comments.


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