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Street Fighter V’s Ryu Gets A $900, Two-Foot Statue


Street Fighter V’s Ryu Gets A $900, Two-Foot Statue

Complete with beard.

Pop Culture Shock is now creating statues of Ryu you can proudly display in your home. Pop Culture Shock have a large line of gaming figurines, and this latest figure is just as meticulously detailed as their other work. The Battle Ryu statue is over 2 feet tall and weighs 30 pounds. This is licensed by Capcom, and was created with their official in-game data to recreate Ryu as accurately as possible.

Street Fighter

The Battle Ryu figurine also features real fabric for his clothing and a certificate of authenticity. The current price for this statue is $899.99. There’s a limited-time discount that brings this statue to $749, but only for those who pay the full price up front.

There are also Evil Ryu and classic Ryu statues available for the same price. Pre-orders for all of these statues open on April 18.

This might be the most expensive gaming statue we’ll see all year. Do you think this collectible will be worth its $900 price tag, or would you rather have another Street Fighter character on your shelf? Let us know in the comments.


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