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EB Games Sent Someone a One of a Kind Dark Souls Pun


EB Games Sent Someone a One of a Kind Dark Souls Pun

Praise the sun? More like praise the pun.

EB Games, the popular gaming retailer, proved that they really know their way around a pun after sending Kotaku Australia editor Mark Serrels a Dark Souls pun in the mail. Serrels tweeted a photo of his limited edition of Dark Soles complete with a certificate of authenticity and handwritten letter sent to him from EB games. The picture displayed a picture of socks with the soles darkened and a letter that read:

Dear Mark,

We had a look in our order system and couldn’t find a preorder for these, but we know they are close to your heart. Please find enclosed one pair of limited edition, “Dark Soles Socks,” guaranteed to keep your feet warm. Hopefully they protect you from the agony of de-feet… They’re shoe’n for product of the year!

All the best,

E.B. Australia

EB Games sent the package as a response to the article that Serrels posted, questioning their sock pre-order system and if Dark Souls themed socks are going to be available for pre-order. In the end, Serrels found the package in good fun and we all learned that EB Games can be very punny.

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