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Make The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion a Lot Easier With This Exploit

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Make The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion a Lot Easier With This Exploit

There’s ALWAYS an easier way.

The Division’s first major update dropped this week and introduced players to Incursions. An Incursion is a PvE end-game activity available for groups of four players that have reached level 30. Falcon Lost requires players to also have a minimum Gear Score of 140, so you’ll need to get grinding if you’re not there yet.

Falcon Lost will task players with planting a bomb on an APC, while coming under heavy fire from endless waves of enemies and rockets from the vehicle itself. The turrets guarding the APC, however, prove to be a bit of a problem in this. As soon as you start getting up close the turrets kick in and you’ll be turned into mincemeat. However, players have found a handy little exploit to help you get through the Incursion a little bit easier.

All you need to do is equip your own Turret from your character’s abilities menu and then simply throw it right by the APC. For some reason, rather than focusing on the four humans, the turrets and APC will focus on taking out your turret instead. Simply go ahead and proceed with the mission, knowing that you’re not going to be blown into a pulp anytime soon.

That’s all there is to it! You’ll be able to clear hard mode in about 30 minutes with the help of this exploit. We’d suggest trying it sooner rather than later, though. As soon as Ubisoft catch wind of this, we wouldn’t be surprised if they patch it.

Have you tried out the exploit for the Incursion yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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