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The Dark Souls III Dupe Glitch Method Has Been Discovered


The Dark Souls III Dupe Glitch Method Has Been Discovered

Only for boss souls.

Well, we all knew it was only a matter of time before the dupe glitch method in Dark Souls III finally surfaced. Below is a video explaining exactly how to do the glitch.

The dupe glitch in Dark Souls III is pretty similar to how it worked back in the first game. However, you can only dupe boss souls, and not other regular items. To do the glitch, put an Estus Flask (it can be Ashen or just regular) in your toolbelt, with no other items on there. Next, put the boss soul in your inventory, and remove all other items too. You’ll also want to equip a shield for parrying.

After that, you’ll have to press a series of buttons very quickly. After hitting L2 to enter the parry animation, wait just a split second before hitting the following buttons in quick succession: Square, Options, Down, X. You’ll want to hit the buttons very quickly once the parry swing is done and your character is in the process of dropping the shield back down to his side. So, hit L2 to parry, wait till the shield is about to drop to your side, and then hit Square, Options, Down, X very quickly. If you did it right, you should see the toolbelt pop up for just a second before disappearing and you’ll see the prompt to use the boss soul. If you saw the toolbelt in the middle of pressing the buttons, you can use the boss soul with no repercussions, and the soul will still be in your inventory for further duping. If you didn’t see the toolbelt pop up, you’ll have to try again.

Using this dupe glitch will surely make Dark Souls III a much easier experience since you can get infinite souls to boost your levels. However, that will likely take away a lot of the challenge that the game presents.

Be sure to check out our Dark Souls III wiki for more tips and tricks.

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