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The Division’s Voice Chat IP Leak Is Bad News for Streamers

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The Division’s Voice Chat IP Leak Is Bad News for Streamers

Get protected Agents

A Reddit user has just discovered that The Division will reveal your public IP address to anyone who knows a little bit about networking.

Reddit user, dogshep, posted on the The Division subreddit informing other users of the issue. According to the post, this won’t be a huge deal to most players, but for streamers it can be a big problem. The post gives proof of the issue, by showing screenshots of a public IP usage/ leak when using in-game voice chat.

The post includes a screenshot of revealed IP addresses, and also the option in the settings to Disable VOIP. Interestingly enough, the option even states that disabling this will completely hide your public IP from other players.

So why is this bad for streamers exactly? If anyone with malicious intent gets hold of your public IP, they can essentially send lots of information and packets to your IP and block you from doing anything, a.k.a. DDOSing.

The Division, voip, public IP, streamers

Credit: dogshep

Dogshep also states that there are far more worse things that people can do if they get hold of your public IP, however doesn’t detail them in the post for security reasons.

If you’re a streamer of The Division, you may want to go and disable the setting right about now. We’ve included the image above to help you find the option so you can stream safely. Take care out there Agents!


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