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Image Gives First Look at No Man’s Sky NPC, Dialogue Options


Image Gives First Look at No Man’s Sky NPC, Dialogue Options

The denizens of the galaxy show their face.

An image has surfaced on the internet which gives us our first look at a NPC in No Man’s Sky, as well as some interesting dialogue options.

no mans sky

The NPC, which is called Govets, is a Korvax Entity, which according to the image speaks “slowly, calmly and considerately”. It’s already known that the game will allow you to speak with aliens and learn their languages – this appears to be one such instance.

The image, which shows Sean Murray, Managing Director at Hello Games, playing the game on a PS4, also shows multiple dialogue options to respond to the Korvax with, including asking for help learning its language, as we can see that most of what it is saying is indecipherable.

In some earlier previews of No Man’s Sky, it was revealed that speaking to the Korvax will allow you to learn its language and this can be done throughout the game’s many worlds, with a number of different alien races.

No Man’s Sky is a procedurally-generated space exploration game that will feature essentially endless amounts of planets for you to visit on your journey to the center of the galaxy.

The game will be released on Jun. 21st in North America, before releasing on Jun. 22nd and Jun. 24th in Europe and the UK respectively for PS4 and PC.

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