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Hitman Aims to Have All Episodes out by the End of Summer



Hitman Aims to Have All Episodes out by the End of Summer

It’s going to be a bloody Summer.

Hitman fans will be pleased to learn that it looks like players won’t have to wait too long for each new episode of the new game. IO Interactive aims to have every episode released by the end of Summer, with each episode coming out every month.

The news was revealed in a Tweet from IO Interactive.

While the first episode released this past weekend, the next episode is due to come out in April and will be set in Paris. The third episode is set in Morocco and will be released in May. Locations and release dates for the remaining four episodes has yet to be revealed at this time. If they’re aiming for all of them to come out by summer (usually regarded as late August to mid September), some months may receive two episodes instead of one.

A physical release of the game, including all of the seven episodes, is due to be released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in early 2017.

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