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Fullbright’s Next Game, Tacoma, Delayed to 2017


Fullbright’s Next Game, Tacoma, Delayed to 2017

Lift-off pushed back to 2017.

Developer of Gone Home, Fullbright, has announced that the release date of Tacoma has been pushed back to Spring 2017.

Fullbright announced the news via their official blog and has said: ‘We’ve made some decisions about where the game was at and how much time and attention we believe it deserves, and have decided to give it the extra time it needs.’ They have insisted that with it being a full year before the game’s release, the delay is ‘a “we need to be responsible about giving the game more space to live up to its potential” kind of thing,’ rather than a last minute delay.

Fullbright initially planned to release Tacoma in the second half of 2016 so they are giving themselves another six months to work on the game.

Tacoma will take place on Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma 200,000 miles from Earth and is likely to focus on exploration in a similar way to Gone Home.

Tacoma will now be released on Xbox One and PC in Spring 2017.

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