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PSVR and Antonio Banderas Are a Perfect Match

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PSVR and Antonio Banderas Are a Perfect Match

Hoooooooo boy.

If you’ve been on the internet, for longer than like…at least half an hour, you’ve more than likely seen this GIF of actor Antonio Banderas a good amount of times:

It works well for just about anything you can think of, whether it’s a response to a burn or a really good selfie. You could also use it as a reaction to, say, the $399 price point reveal of the PSVR from earlier today. There’s been a lot of reactions to this pricing, both good and bad. But none sum up the reveal (or are as funny) for fans of the tech quite like this GIF does.

This GIF is absolutely perfect. Happy with the price point? This GIF is for you. Think Sony’s just BS’ing to make their tech look more superior than Oculus and the Vive’s costly prices as a ruse? Use this! No matter how you feel, Antonio Banderas will agree with you and sum up your thoughts perfectly to a T. Great job, sir. Once again, science proves that Antonio Banderas works well with anything you put him with.

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