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PlayStation VR Release Date and Price Announced at GDC

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PlayStation VR Release Date and Price Announced at GDC

It’s official.

Today at Sony’s PlayStation VR event at GDC, Sony finally revealed the price and release date of their highly anticipated hardware.

The PlayStation VR will release at $399 on October 2016.

The price, which drew gasps from the audience in attendance, is significantly lower than its competition such as the Oculus Rift which will retail at $599 and the HTC Vive which be priced at $799. At the event, Sony reminded everyone that there are more than 230 developers working on PS VR development from “-from independent studios to top-tier publishers.”

While there had been rumblings about the price this year, the confirmation that it will be less expensive than rival headsets is significant. Taking into account that a PlayStation 4 will be much more accessible for the average consumer than building a PC capable of running Oculus Rift games for example, this price plus platform combo could wind up being a game changer. If everything breaks the way that Sony probably wants it to, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset could wind up being the most popular consumer VR hardware.

Still, all of that is speculation. What we know right now, today, finally, is that the PlayStation VR is confirmed for a October 2016 release date and will sport a $399 price tag.

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