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13 Best PlayStation Posters, Ranked

It may be too late for spring cleaning but not summer decorating.

Game posters come in many forms, each with its unique purpose and appeal. From nostalgic to graphically appealing, they are not only tools for marketing but also expressions of video games’ impact and artistic value. Here are our picks for the best Playstation Posters you could easily add to your collection.

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13 – ‘Crash Bandicoot’ Fruit Bazuka

Crash Bandicoot with a fruit bazuka
Image Source: Redbubble

A colorful character like Crash deserves a colorful poster! This fan art, with its eye-catching colors and design, is sure to enliven any empty wall. Crash Bandicoot, a PlayStation classic, is a symbol of nostalgia for many. So, when the urge for a trip down memory lane strikes, why not bring this PS legend to life in your home?

12 – ‘Uncharted’ Vintage Comic Book

Comic book style poster for Uncharted game series.
Image Source: Redbubble

This comic book-style artwork is a wonderful fusion of the Uncharted game series’ adventurous spirit and the heroism of an Indiana Jones-type main character. Comic book enthusiasts and video game fans, will appreciate this unique merging of tones.

11 – ‘LittleBigPlanet’ Sackboy Costumes

Sackboy dressed in different game costumes.
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Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet was designed specifically as a ‘blank canvas’ for the player to customize with different costumes and accessories, unlockable in-game or downloaded from DLCs. This fun, lively poster showcases numerous versions of Sackboy’s looks – a great way to see if you’ve unlocked them all.

10 – ‘Spider-Man Miles Morales’ Box Art Alternative

Miles Morales swinging with the text Be Greater, Be Yourself.
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While not the ‘main’ game in the Spider-Man series, Miles Morales is a strong contender for best ‘box art’, making it an excellent choice to work from for wall art. This poster includes the striking pose, a nod to previous games, and a showcase of his unique abilities. The graphics are eye-catching, and the colors are well-balanced, enhancing the original art. Including the iconic words in their respective fonts adds to the overall impact, making it a truly impressive poster for any Spider-Man fan.

9 – ‘God of War’ Reboot

God of War characters in a boat in front of mountains,

The best way to truly showcase the skill and artistry of a game’s world is in a landscape. This God of War (reboot) poster shows how true that really is. Designed to not only centralize the main characters but also to display the beauty of the world you’re about to enter and considering how much time you spend on the Lake of Nine, it does a very good job. This poster gives you a glimpse of the new God of War while keeping links with the original. It screams adventure is coming.

8 – ‘Helldivers’ Direction Buttons

Helldivers character sat on a toilet with button directions underneath.
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If there’s one thing a Helldiver knows, it is how to call in an Eagle Strike. However, if you forget, you can now have the button commands on your wall for all to see! This poster not only perfectly incorporates the game’s humor and tricks of being a Helldiver – the art style is reminiscent of recruitment posters and videos, also used in-game. It may be an ‘inside joke’ piece of artwork, but any fan would get the reference and witty nod. 

7 – ‘Tomb Raider’ Retro Box Art

Original Tomb Raider game artwork image with PlayStation header.
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Although Tomb Raider wasn’t released exclusively for PlayStation, not many can think of the console without thinking of Lara Croft. This retro poster is a callback to the low-pixel days of the 90s and would go great with any other memorabilia from the era. The poster style covers an array of games from ‘back in the day’, so making a statement for your love of the console from its inception would be easy if you’re feeling nostalgic.

6 – ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Minimalist

Character Cloud Strife with sword on his back.
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Final Fantasy VII is a household name amongst most gamers, as are Cloud Strife and his Buster Sword. This poster, in a beautiful minimalist fashion, highlights both along with Cloud’s iconic over-the-shoulder pose. No explanation is needed for such a famous character and weapon, leaving the art to do the talking, and it does. 

5 – ‘God of War Ragnarök’ Landscape Sequel

Main characters stood of a frozen lake in front of lightening and mountains.
Image Source:

Like its predecessor, this poster does an excellent job of showing us the landscape the player is about to enter. When looked at side by side, the stark contrast between the two is striking, hinting at the evolution and progression of the game’s world. The colors and background of the previous game’s poster, once green and lush, have turned blue and cold against a setting of chaos and destruction. Alone, this poster is a great insight into the sequel, but together with the original, they make an epic pair, showcasing the importance of visual storytelling in promotional material.

4 – ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Warrior Samurai

Ghost of Tsushima in black and white with red leaves in comic book style.
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Like the game, this poster is heavily inspired by Akira Kurosawa. In the game, you have the option of playing in black and white and the panels, showcasing moments influenced by the gameplay, are a direct nod to this unique feature. The red of the leaves, also an aspect of the actual game, is striking against the monotone nature of the background, helping to draw the eye to the juxtaposition of the panels. The poster’s two halves show the difference between past and present like they’ve been sliced through by the very sword our samurai wields.

3 – ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ Box Art

Horizon Forbidden West cover art with Aloy under Sunwing.
Image Source:

With all the options of fan art and unique alternatives out there, it may seem odd for a box art poster to be so high up the list. However, the artwork for Horizon: Forbidden West is visually stunning, accentuating the graphics upgrade from the original. The poster capures movement within the image as Aloy looks up to the new machine above her, hair moving and waves crashing. For fans of the first Horizon game, known for its wintry landscapes, the transition to the sea and sand is a captivating shift. This is a bright poster that has a lot to show.

2 – ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Dual Poster

Top image shows Ellie playing guitar and bottom image shows her surrounded by enemies with a weapon.
Image Source:

Lots of realistic promotional game stills have come from The Last of Us Part II, and this poster, with its stunning graphics, is a testament to the game’s visual quality. One of the famous stills is that of Ellie and her guitar, a key item in her life post Part I, as she sits calmly surrounded by nature. What makes this poster particularly eye-catching is the mirror image below, a powerful depiction showing the terror still faced by our protagonist. Or it could be seen as showing Ellie’s two mindsets during Part II, one wishing for the serene mundane and one feeling the need to carry on fighting. It’s almost as if, if it weren’t for the Poster’s writing, you could choose yourself which world you would like Ellie to live in on your wall.

1 – ‘The Last of Us Part I’ Key Art

Ellie and Joel from The last of us.
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This final game poster, a prequel to the one above, is an iconic image that has been used for promotional purposes, has inspired fan art and was even replicated almost perfectly for promos in the TV series. It is an image of two characters who have grown to become two of the most recognizable in gaming. The poster sheds the orange glow of a new day on what you can only imagine is a frightful and devastated earth. The image itself doesn’t show as much of the world as other posters on this list, but it tells you what you need to know. These could be the last people on earth for all we know. And, if you’ve played the games, knowing what we know, it shows two people together against the world. The visual style takes the image from a purely promotional still to artwork.

There are so many games out there to inspire new artwork – why not see if any of these posters could find a place in your home next?

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