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Campo Santo Is Looking for People to Translate Firewatch


Campo Santo Is Looking for People to Translate Firewatch

Bringing Firewatch to more people.

Campo Santo, developer of Firewatch, has released a blog post asking for fans to help them translate their game into other languages.

Their request comes after a fan of Firewatch translated the game into Russian, making it available as part of the game’s steam release. Since much of  Firewatch centres on the dialogue between the game’s characters, having the game playable in different languages or with subtitles could make it more appealing to many more gamers.

Campo Santo said on their blog: ‘Our Steam launch came with an unexpected surprise: a full-text Russian localization. We’re also working on Spanish, French, German and Chinese localizations, and on bringing all five official translations to PS4, too. That adds up to more than 2 billion native speakers who will be able to experience Firewatch!’ They continued by asking fans for help on the project by saying: ‘We know that doesn’t begin to cover everyone, however. That’s why we’re making our full text data available on Github, and putting out an open invitation for help.’

They aim to release as many different translations as possible. To help out head over to Transifex.

The translated versions of Firewatch will come to both PC and PS4 as soon as possible.

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