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Maya is Back in Ace Attorney 6; Release Date Revealed


Maya is Back in Ace Attorney 6; Release Date Revealed

Burger time, Nick?

Ace Attorney fans rejoice! Maya Fey has been confirmed for Ace Attorney 6, and the game itself will be released in Japan on June 9. Aside from Maya, Capcom has also confirmed that familiar faces like Miles Edgeworth and Klavier Gavin will make an appearance in this instalment as well.

Below is a brand new trailer showing off the cases of Ace Attorney 6. We get another glimpse at characters like Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes, who made her first appearance back in Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies. From the looks of the trailer, it would also seem that Maya will return and act as Phoenix’s assistant during cases. Just like all the other characters, Maya’s role will be fully voiced. She also has a change in appearance, most likely to reflect her new position in Kurain Village.

Though Pearl Fey hasn’t been officially featured in any of the footage we’ve seen yet, she shows up in the preorder bonus screen at the end of the new trailer, so she might just make a big return in this entry too.

If you’re amongst the first few to purchase the game, you’ll also get extra costumes for Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena. Though an English version of the game has yet to be announced, we should be able to expect more news from Capcom as the Japanese release date gets closer, considering the fact that all of the mainline Ace Attorney games have been localized in the past.

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