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Vampyr’s First Gameplay Footage Looks a Little Like Dark Souls


Vampyr’s First Gameplay Footage Looks a Little Like Dark Souls

Take all my blood!

Vampyr, the upcoming game from French developer Dontnod Entertainment, has some leaked gameplay footage for us to take a peek at. The video below shows some off-camera clips of the gameplay for this new action RPG. From what we can see of the new footage, players will be able to lock on to their enemies and use a swordlike weapon to attack them. The UI also indicates that players can use a weapon, and even use vampiric powers to lift enemies up.

The video also showcases some of Vampyr’s concept art and level design, as well as some of the environments that will be featured in the game. We already know that the focus of this game will be on the story, and so there will be less emphasis on trying to make the game as open world as possible, as that will likely detract from the plot that the developers are trying to deliver.

All in all, Vampyr looks interesting enough. With a premise surrounding gothic Victorian London steeped in vampire mythology, this game looks like it could be a worthy follow-up to the success of Life Is Strange from last year if Dontnod Entertainment keeps up the good work in storytelling.

Vampyr does not have a release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated as more information comes our way.

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