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Sega Asks for Your Help to Make Better Games

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Sega Asks for Your Help to Make Better Games

You’re Sega’s only hope!

Today, Sega tweeted out to ask for all gamers’ help and advice to help them make better games.

The tweet (found below) included a link to a survey that Sega hopes players will take the time to fill out and include some helpful advice on how the company can improve its future releases. Questions include the player’s age, what consoles the player has owned, and the top three favorite games that they are currently playing.

As you get a little bit further into the survey, the questions start to get more specific and focus on how the company itself. For example, one section asks how much you’d agree with statements relating to the company, such as, “Sega currently makes high-quality games” and “Sega is innovative”. This is sure to make for some interesting replies considering the lackluster response to Sonic’s latest outings at least.

Still, if you’ve got the time and would like to help Sega make better games, click on the link in the tweet and give Sonic and the rest of the crew a helping hand. Hey, if they’re going to make improvements like they did with the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account you wouldn’t hear any complaints coming from over here.



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