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Minecraft 1.9 Update Is Now Officially Out

Minecraft 1.9, Combat Update, PC

Minecraft 1.9 Update Is Now Officially Out

The Combat Update.

Mojang have announced by Minecraft 1.9, which they call the Combat Update, has officially ready to download through the game launcher.

The Combat Update is the first full expansion for the game since the Bountiful Update on Sept. 2, 2014. As you can guess, the combat of the game has been the main focus from Mojang, with the way you attack becoming more important, and current weapons getting new forms of attack. They have added shields which can be decorated with a banner, and there are a wider variety of arrows to be used like the tipped arrows, which include weaker potion effects, and spectral arrows.

One addition that will make Minecraft fans very happy is the Elytra, which when equipped will let players glide around their world, although they can only be found in the End. Other changes have occurred in the End including the addition of end cities, the ability to respawn the dragon, a new hostile mob called the Shulker, and new blocks that can be found in end cities.

Smaller changes that don’t relate to combat can also be found in the update. For example, igloos can now spawn randomly in snowy biomes, and grass paths can be created by right clicking a grass block with a shovel. The full list of features can be found on Mojang’s blog.

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