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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.2 Makes Preparations for Pro League

Rainbow Six Siege, update, patch, 2.2

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.2 Makes Preparations for Pro League

Time to go pro

In a post on its forums, Ubisoft today detailed the patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege’s 2.2 update.

The patch will come to PC on March 1, before making its way to consoles on March 8. The post states that “Patch 2.2’s main goal is to ensure a solid competitive experience before the start of the Rainbow Six Pro League. Its content is focused on elements such as cheating, exploits and spawn killing counter-measures as well as minor tweaks and bug fixes.”

In terms of cheating countermeasures, the update will add a report button which will allow players to flag suspicious behaviors. Any reports submitted by players will feed directly to Ubisoft’s cheating counter-measures to increase their effectiveness in future patches.

Rainbow Six Siege’s 2.2 update will also see the introduction of Kill Cam to Ranked matches, infinite overtime rounds in custom games, a tweak to spawning locations and a whole host of bug fixes for the game. You can check out the full list of fixes, tweaks and additions listed in the forum post here.

One notable omission from Siege’s update is IP protection. The IP protection will limit how players’ IPs are displayed, greatly reducing the possibility of DDoS attacks targeting players within a match. While its absence from this update is disappointing, Ubisoft does say its a priority for the team.

What do you make of the latest patch update? Are you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? Let us know in the comments below.


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