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Persona 5 Director Talks Characters, Dungeon Changes, and More

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Persona 5 Director Talks Characters, Dungeon Changes, and More

Better dungeons!

Persona 5 looms ever closer, but there has still been quite a bit of mystery shrouding this upcoming RPG. Some new details revolving around the anticipated title have been revealed in the March 2016 issue of Persona Magazine. The series chief director, Katsura Hashino, opened up with some new information. Some interesting tidbits concerning key elements of the game were revealed through Game Jouhou (translation via Siloconera).

Details about Persona 5’s main characters were shared. Each of the characters is judged in some way and trying to break the monotony of their lives. You have Ryuji Sakamoto who will help to drive the protagonist and thrusts the player into the mysterious narrative. He sports a pirate like Persona, complete with menacing ship. Ann Takamaki is a is a loner with a devious Persona who exhibits a “femme-fatale” flair. Then there’s Yusuke Kitagawa, an intelligent individual with a love for art.

Persona 5 also gets its own Teddie in the form of Morgana. A cat-like being with mysterious powers and an intimidating Persona called ‘Zorro.’

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Characters weren’t all that were covered, though. Hashino also mentioned how dungeons would be quite different from what they were in previous Persona games. Each dungeon will be unique and “thoroughly enjoyable” for exploring players. Continuing with gameplay, details were shared about the “Social Link” mechanic as well. While no major details were shared, it was made clear that it is to be one of the driving forces of the game. Hashino himself even wants the relations between characters to be more integral than they were in Persona 3 and 4.

The director also touched on the setting and how Persona 5’s theme, which revolves around the phantom thief, has allowed for interesting things in the game. By setting the game in Tokyo, they are able to ground the story in reality, pushing the idea of having the game’s huge drama play out in the real world. That drama allows for some nifty surprises as well, due to the phantom nature of the events. He wouldn’t share anything more than that, but it seems as if there are some big surprises in store for fans.

With the game set for summer release in Japan, and a later release here in the states, it’s about time that some more details are rolling out. Persona 5 is shaping up to be one of the highest anticipated games of 2016, and you can only expect more information as the year rolls on.

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