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Batman v Superman Advance Tickets Go on Sale Next Week


Batman v Superman Advance Tickets Go on Sale Next Week

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As of today, we’re a month and two days out from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whether you’re looking forward to the film for its title fight, dreading it, or just wanting to watch for Wonder Woman showing up, there’s no denying that trying to see it is going to be a hassle for the first few weeks.

Luckily, you can buy the tickets in advance starting next Monday, the 29th. A tweet from a moviegoer in Oregon shows that the film’s tickets will go on sale starting at 5 PM.

What’s interesting about the date is that for comics fans, 2/29 is largely accepted as the in-universe birthday for the Man of Steel. Batman’s in-universe b-day comes on the 18th, 11 days before Kal-El’s. Wonder if they try to plan their birthday parties relatively around each other.

Batman v Superman dukes it out on the big screen on March 25. Plan on seeing the film in 2D or 3D/IMAX? Let us know in the comments below.

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