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This Far Cry Primal Dhole Knows What You Did


This Far Cry Primal Dhole Knows What You Did

The things it has seen.

In Far Cry Primal, dholes are abundant. They’re the hyena/dog/fox looking animals that pester you in posses of three. They’re weak, they’re found everywhere, and they’re altogether just plain annoying. But every once in awhile, you can come across a rare, black dhole. Still useless, mind you. Except for this one:

far cry primal rare dhole

Look at that face. It’s like it’s a part of that ’90s Bud Light commercial, ready to ask you, “Wazzaaaaa?”

It’s peering right into your soul. This dhole’s seen shit, man.


Why is its back arched that way, by the way? It looks way too curved. I don’t trust that.

Its mouth is left agaped as it looks upon you.


This dhole saw you last night.

It knows what you did.


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