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Man at Arms Forges Bloodborne’s Grisly Saw Cleaver

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Man at Arms Forges Bloodborne’s Grisly Saw Cleaver

This is one deadly weapon.

The team over at Man at Arms has taken many video game weapons and created their real life counterparts. They’ve plied their craft to weapons like Final Fantasy 7’s Buster Sword, Kingdom Heart’s Oathkeeper Keyblade, Halo’s Energy Sword and Link’s Fierce Diety Sword. Their newest piece takes a decidedly darker turn, and forges the grisly Saw Blade from Bloodborne.

For this piece the team cut a piece off of a railroad track to use as the main blade of the weapon, bending it and cutting out teeth from the massive hunk of metal. With such a heavy blade, Man at Arms used black iron pipe for the handle to give it enough support.

The Saw Cleaver is a gruesome weapon with a bunch of moving parts, but somehow the team managed to forge an incredible fully functioning recreation. Their attention to detail is stunning down to the wrappings on the handle and the runes on the blade.

Make sure to check out the full video down below, and see some of their other work on the official YouTube channel. Bloodborne was definitely a good pick with its striking weapon design, but what other iconic blades would you like to see forged? Which weapons do you think would be perfect for Man at Arms to take a crack at? Let us know down in the comments.


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