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Man at Arms Forges Halo's Energy Sword


Man at Arms Forges Halo's Energy Sword

Imagine, for a moment, a lighthearted gathering: you and your friends are huddled around a TV playing videogames together. Everyone’s laughing and having a good time. But even the closest of friends can turn on one another, given the right circumstances.

Playing Mario Party, for instance. That game has seriously destroyed friendships. But in my friend group, it was Halo 2 that caused the most squabbling. Four of us would be playing when someone would inevitably find the Energy Sword and go on a killing rampage.

The Energy Sword is one-hit kill, and in Halo 2 was completely overpowered, having both infinite battery power and a stupidly long-ranged lunge attack. Since it basically guaranteed victory, we’d all make a beeline for its spawn-point at the beginning of a match. Nine times out of ten, whoever got there first would win.

There are few videogame weapons that are as iconic and instantly recognizable as the Energy Sword. So I was intrigued when I heard that Man at Arms forged his very own, IRL. It’s not made of plasma (obviously), but it still looks pretty fucking cool.

Check out the video above to see his process and the finished product! While not very practical (how often do you need to slice a bottle of Mountain Dew?), and almost certainly useless in a sword fight, it’d still be cool to own. Kind of like a Bat’leth.

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