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Man at Arms Recreate Kingdom Hearts’ Oathkeeper Keyblade


Man at Arms Recreate Kingdom Hearts’ Oathkeeper Keyblade

That’s the power of the keyblade!

The team at Man at Arms have taken many fictional swords, daggers, and other assorted blades and crafted them in real life. Halo‘s Energy Sword, the Fierce Deity Sword from Majora’s Mask, and Final Fantasy VII‘s Buster Sword are but a few of their past works, and they even forged Sora’s Kingdom Key from Kingdom Hearts a couple years back. As a follow-up and companion to that piece, Man at Arms have now faithfully recreated their second keyblade: Kairi’s gift to Sora, the Oathkeeper.

The talented blacksmiths assembled the Oathkeeper by welding together several carefully constructed pieces that would have been no easy task to form and bend. Much like the character outfits and plot lines in Kingdom Hearts, creator Tetsuya Nomura pulled no punches in the crazy, complex look of this weapon. Man at Arms pulled it off beautifully, however, right down to the seashell-styled keychain at the end.

Have a gander at the below comparison of the in-game Oathkeeper to the real deal, and check out the full video above showing the keyblade being made. Here’s hoping they tackle Oblivion next.

Kingdom Hearts - Oathkeeper

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