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Street Fighter V’s Story Mode Coming For Free This Summer

Street Fighter

Street Fighter V’s Story Mode Coming For Free This Summer

Story time…later on.

Like most fighting games, Street Fighter V will have a story mode. But instead of launching with the game like most of them do, it’ll be coming sometime in the summer. Thankfully, it’ll be coming for the price of nothing, and there’s a trailer you can watch below. Not a lot of fighting, but plenty of somber music and power going out. Which is generally a sign that the bad guy isn’t playing around.

The game will have two types of single player modes: campaign and character stories. In the former, it’ll take place between Street Fighter IV and III and deal with M. Bison making a return with Shadaloo. Character stories will provide each fighter their own individual storyline that gives background information on what compels them to fight and their relationship to other characters. Cutscenes for the character stories will be illustrated by renowned Japanese artist Bengus.

Street Fighter V hits the PS4 and PC on February 16. While you’re waiting for the story mode to hit, why not get inspired to fight with this cool new commercial?

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