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Raz Will Be “A Few Hours Older” in Psychonauts 2


Raz Will Be “A Few Hours Older” in Psychonauts 2

What wisdom has he gained since then?

Tim Schafer has been answering fan questions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything all day, covering everything from the Psychonauts 2’s funding to the in-progress development process. He also mentioned exactly when the events of the sequel occur relative to the original game.

Turns out, the sequel picks up only a few hours after the first game, giving Raz plenty of time to grow and mature before we meet him again.

“Raz will be a few hours older than in the first game, because it takes place soon after the events of Psychonauts.”

Schafer also said that Raz will have “a mix of old and new powers” and face “evils of the past” through the course of the story.

Psychonauts 2 reached its $3.3M funding goal last week, and now plans to release Fall 2018. If you need some Double Fine time before then, Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin is coming to PlayStation VR this year, and is said to “bridge the story gap between the original Psychonauts and the forthcoming sequel.”

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