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Psychonauts 2 is Officially Funded, Let the Three-Year Wait Begin

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is Officially Funded, Let the Three-Year Wait Begin

Raz and his friends are coming back.

Following last month’s surprise announcement at The Game Awards that Psychonauts was finally getting the sequel treatment, fans were elated and throwing all of their money at the Fig crowdfunding project. Psychonauts 2 swiftly garnered its first million dollars in under 24 hours of its $3.3 million goal, but momentum rapidly fizzled.

Well now here we are, with just 5 days remaining on the Psychonauts 2 Fig, and that goal has at last been met. At the time of this writing, Tim Schafer and the rest of the Double Fine crew have raised $3,312,096 toward the game’s production, so anything raised in the remaining handful of days will just be icing on the unique, brain-training cake.

Schafer eloquently expressed his gratitude for the successful funding in a simple tweet shortly after the goal was met.

If you backed Psychonauts 2 do feel free to celebrate, but you might want to keep in mind that the estimated delivery date of the final product is two and a half years away, in Fall 2018. Then when you consider the vast amount of games that get delayed these days – crowdfunded titles, especially – it’s likely we’re looking at a Q1 2019 launch. Still, the first hurdle has been cleared.

In addition to Psychonauts 2, a new VR adventure in the franchise was also announced in December. Psychonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin is slated to launch alongside PlayStation VR later this year, which should help satiate fans during the wait for Psychonauts 2.

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