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Splatoon Community Leaves New Christmas Players Sweet Messages

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Splatoon Community Leaves New Christmas Players Sweet Messages

Welcoming all kids and squids alike to join the fun.

There are a lot of multiplayer shooters on the market, from Halo 5 to Call of Duty Black Ops 3, to Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and so many more. These games always see a substantial upswing in new players around the holidays as gifts are given and received, but many newcomers often feel incapable of catching up to the highly skilled players who have been pwning n00bs since day one of the game’s release. As the stigma goes, a great deal of those veterans are only too happy to take advantage of the fresh blood to rack up some easy kills. Then there are people who play Splatoon.

Splatoon’s enthusiastic and positive community has been flooding the Miiverse with words of joy and encouragement to incoming newbies who have just received the best multiplayer game of 2015 for Christmas. CrushedGAF over on Twitter has been compiling a lot of the awesome messages out there currently:

“Let’s be cool to the new kids in Splatoon!”

“Stop acting like the British are coming. The “noobs” will get better!”

“Personally, I welcome our Christmas newbie overlords.”

“I can’t wait for all the new Splatoon players to show up!”

“If you need advice just ask me! :)”

The holiday season usually brings out the best in people, and it certainly warms the heart to see Splatoon’s learned crowd accepting and welcoming newcomers with open arms and tentacles alike.

Did Splatoon ink its way into your Wii U collection this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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