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Major Leaderboard Fixes Coming in Rock Band 4’s January Update

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Major Leaderboard Fixes Coming in Rock Band 4’s January Update

I just want to start this over.

On the Harmonix’s forums, Rock Band’s Community Manager Josh Harrison outlined some of the changes coming to Rock Band 4 in the month of January.

One of the biggest changes coming in this update remedies the codebase of the game. This fix will essentially help Rock Band 4’s leaderboards properly display the player’s scores.

The major reason for fixing this issue is that drummers could exploit the current leaderboards. When Rock Band 4 first released, drummers could essentially double-deploy the overdrive function at the end of dynamic drum fills, effectively getting massive scores on a song.

Along with fixing the issue, Harmonix is also resetting the current leaderboards. This will set everyone on an even playing ground after the update.

Also coming with the update, Harmonix will add more outfits to the game for your character. In addition, Harmonix is teaming up with another gaming studio to release an exclusive outfit in Rock Band 4’s Rock Shop in January — much like they did for Bethesda’s Fallout 4’s Vault Suit.

Have you been playing a lot of Rock Band 4 lately? What do you think of the changes? What game franchise outfit do you hope Rock Band 4 will include? Let us know in the comments below!

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