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Did Kojima Just Reveal Some Concept Art For His Upcoming Game?

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Did Kojima Just Reveal Some Concept Art For His Upcoming Game?

A holiday greeting with a nice surprise.

Last week we received the bombshell news that Hideo Kojima had finally left Konami, and founded his own independent studio Kojima Productions. We found out shortly after that the studio’s first game would be a PlayStation exclusive in a partnership with Sony, and even got a look at the logo for the studio. Since then the internet has been abuzz with wild speculation and hype on just what that game may be.

Today through Kojima’s official Twitter we may have gotten our first glimpse at a piece of concept art from his first game. Taking a moment to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, he tweeted out the picture below which has the Kojima Productions logo in the lower left-hand corner.

The card features a strong looking woman cloaked in a black dress. It certainly isn’t a lot to go on, but perhaps this woman is a prominent character from the upcoming game. Either way, it’s still nice to get a holiday greeting from the big man himself. Happy holidays Kojima!

What do you think about the artwork Kojima sent out? Do you think there could be anything to it, and that this could be our first look at the upcoming game? What do you hope the studio’s first game turns out to be? Let us know all of you’re thoughts down in the comments below.

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