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Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Begins Today

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Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Begins Today

Prepare for siege!

Ubisoft has announced today that Rainbow Six Siege will be having a free weekend for the PC version of the game. The free weekend will be part of a “friend referral program” which means that those who already have Rainbow Six Siege will be able to give their friends a key to the free weekend.

Today, December 18, those who own the PC version of Siege will be given four keys which they can then hand out to friends. Those who get a key will then have full access to the game this weekend. The free trial begins at 3:01 PM PST but players with a key can start pre-loading the game right now. Players who own the game and want keys can visit this site to get their four keys.

Ubisoft is also rewarding players who give away their keys. For every key that gets activated, the player who gave it will get a 24-hour XP boost after the free weekend ends. Those who activate a key and play the free weekend will also get a chance to buy the game for 25% off when the weekend ends. Everything you unlock over the weekend will be saved and waiting for you in the main game.

This free weekend is only for PC versions of the game. It’s possible we might see a similar trial on the PS4 and Xbox One, but nothing has been announced.

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