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Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns This Month with Playstation Exclusive Armor


Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns This Month with Playstation Exclusive Armor

It’s important to look stylish while fighting.

As fun as Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League is, it won’t last forever. At the end of December, the highly competitive PvP event Iron Banner will return to Destiny. Prepare to transition from racing fellow Guardians to trying to kill them. Also, PlayStation owners will be able to earn some exclusive armor in this month’s Iron Banner.

Bungie’s Weekly Update gave a few details on the next Iron Banner event. On Dec. 29 at 10 a.m. Pacific, the event will go live for all Destiny players. This time, players will face off in the Control match type.

Bungie have also outlined exactly how to unlock new gear in the event. Leveling the Iron Banner reputation will unlock new weapons and armor to purchase from Lord Saladin, with new gear unlocking at each level all the way up to 5. That reputation level also determines what players can receive as post-match drops.

If you’re playing on a PlayStation console, there’s an exclusive set of armor to earn which includes some stylish class items and helmets.


The Tower probably won’t be decorated with Christmas lights this year, but fighting to the death for cool gear is perhaps the most appropriate way to end the year in Destiny.

Do you think the new Iron Banner armor looks great or tacky? Let us know in the comments below.


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