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Konami is Hiring for Another Metal Gear Game

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Konami is Hiring for Another Metal Gear Game

Apply now?

Earlier this week, Hideo Kojima revealed that he and longtime publisher Konami officially split and he was starting a new studio to make a PS4 exclusive game. Konami, meanwhile, still owns the rights to the Metal Gear Solid series that he created, and as such, they’ve gone and revealed that they’re hiring for a new entry in the series. All that the listing reveals is what kind of people the publisher wants to apply:

  • Experience in high-end game development, planning, etc.
  • Boundless imagination, and the capacity for exciting new ideas
  • A strong passion toward game creation
  • The communication skills to effectively communicate your ideas

The other details, such as what platform the game will be for, if famous Metal Gear developers will be working on it, or even what it’s about haven’t been revealed. With Kojima gone and not a lot of people currently fans of Konami, it’s surprising they’re even trying to make another one at all.

What could Konami do to make you buy another Metal Gear without Kojima attached to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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