How to Get SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor in Starfield

With great power comes great responsibility.

How to Get SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor in Starfield
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Given how good the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor is in Starfield, it’s no wonder every player is after one. It gives you unprecedented levels or power, allowing your ship’s systems to be overtly more effective and quite handy in a fight. That’s why we’re here to show you how to get the SF40 Sheared Flow reactor in Starfield.

How to Unlock the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor in Starfield

Depending on how far along you are in the game, the SF40 Sheared Flow reactor might be out of your reach. It does have a few prerequisites you need to cover before it’ll even appear, so let’s start there:

  1. Reach at least level 57.

    It’s no surprise the SF40 Sheared Flow reactor is level-gated; in fact, many ship parts are like that. It prevents low-level characters from starting off with one of the best reactors in Starfield.

  2. Unlock Rank 4 in Starship Design and Piloting.

    While some ship parts are level-gated, a handful also require varying levels of Starship Design and Piloting. In this case, the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor requires you have Class C clearance and access to more ship parts.rank up starship designs and piloting to unlock the sf40 sheared flow reactor in starfield

  3. Speak with a Ship Services Technician.

    While just about any technician has it for sale, New Atlantis, Red Mile, Mars, and The Den are all great places to start your search. It’s listed under “Reactors” in the ship building menu.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to get the SF40 Sheared Flow reactor for your starship in Starfield. If the reactor isn’t appearing for you, wait 48 in-game hours to refresh the vendors. It should pop up in their available wares before long.

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