What is the best reactor in Starfield? SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor
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What Is the Best Reactor in Starfield & Where to Find It? Explained

We need more power, Captain!

While you’ll be spending the bulk of your time in the eponymous Starfield exploring new worlds, completing quests, and dispensing justice, you’ll also be busy piloting spaceships as you travel from one galaxy to the next. As a result, it’s important that your home away from home is as capable as it can be. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best reactor in Starfield and where to find it, here’s everything you need to know.

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What Starfield Reactor Is the Best?

There are plenty of top-notch reactors in Starfield, though the best one is arguably the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor. This is because it offers an impressive 40 units of power, which is the largest amount of power in a single reactor core we’ve encountered so far.

Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

Additionally, the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor also boasts a huge pool of health for your ship, three crew slots, and has a rapid repair rate.

The only major hurdle is that this specific one is level-locked and requires you to be at least level 57 before you can purchase it. On top of that, you’ll also need to have unlocked Rank 4 in both the Piloting and Starship Design skills as the module is a Class C reactor.

In summary, the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor is undoubtedly an end game module, which is perfect for those who’ve spent countless hours in the Settled Systems.

Where to Find the Best Reactor

You’ll be able to purchase the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor in the Red Mile and The Den. We’ll detail where these Starfield locations can be found down below.

Red Mile

The Red Mile can be found in the Porrima system, which is south of the Kryx system. You’ll find the Red Mile on the planet Porrima III.

How to find the best reactor in Starfield, Red Mile
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

The Den

The Den is situated in the Wolf system, which is directly east of the Sol system. More specifically, you’ll find The Den orbiting the planet Chthonia.

Where to find the best reactor, starfield, The Den
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

All SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor Stats

  • Value: 77,615 Credits
  • Class: C
  • Power Generated: 40
  • Repair Rate: 5.80
  • Reactor Health: 116
  • Hull: 1315
  • Crew Capacity: 3

And that concludes our guide on the best reactor in Starfield and where to find it. For more, here’s how to get Neuroamps and where to find the Key. And for everything else, you’re in safe hands here at Twinfinite.

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