How to find the Key in Starfield, Crimson Fleet base
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Where Is the Key in Starfield? Answered

I've got the key.

As you plot a course across the galaxies of Starfield, you’ll soon stumble upon an armada of pirates known as the Crimson Fleet. They’re unsavory types who skew toward the more dishonorable factions in the game, though their bespoke quest is definitely one of the more entertaining ones on offer. Thing is, while Bethesda’s celestial RPG is generally pretty good at showing you where to go, sometimes you’ve got to figure it our the old-fashioned way. As a result, you may be struggling to figure out where to find the Key in Starfield, which is the Crimson Fleet base of operations.

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Starfield Key Location

Specifically, the Key can be found orbiting the planet Suvorov in the Kryx star system. For the unaware, the Kryx system can be found to the northeast of the Cheyenne star system, which is where Akila City is situated.

Exact Location of the Key in Starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

Be warned, however: you must complete the mission Rook Meets King and join the Crimson Fleet faction before you travel here.

If you enter before you’ve completed the aforementioned faction mission, you’ll be deemed a hostile target and the security of the entire sector will attack you. You may be able to get away if you quickly power up your grav drive, but it’s a very risky manoeuver.

What Can You Find in the Key?

While you’ll find plenty of Crimson Fleet pirates aboard the Key who’ll dispense many different quests like Echoes of the Past and Breaking the Bank. You’ll also discover plenty of shops as well, including:

  • TK’s Tactical Gear
  • Weapon’s Shop
  • Zuri’s Essentials
  • General Goods Store
  • Trade Authority Kiosk
  • Clinic
  • The Last Nova Bar

And that brings us to the end of our guide on where to find the Key in Starfield. For more, here’s how to find HopeTown and how to get Neuroamps. Otherwise, feel free to manoeuver down to the links below for even more coverage.

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