How to power up gravity drive, starfield
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How to Power Up Gravity Drive in Starfield

Defy gravity.

While a large part of your galaxy-spanning adventure will be spent chatting to the colorful cast, battling otherworldly beasties and exploring the terrain of myriad far-flung planets, you’ll also be spending a lot of your time behind the cockpit. Though the game glosses over many flying mechanics, it’s easy to forget the small stuff. So, if you’re wondering how to power up your gravity drive in Starfield, here’s everything you need to know.

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How to Power Up Grav Drive in Starfield

How to Power Up Gravity Drive in Starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

Simply put, to power up your Gravity Drive, you’re going to need to re-distribute power and allocate it into the Gravity Drive system. The Gravity Drive is signified by the letter GRV and can be found in the bottom left-hand side of your cockpit (as highlighted in the image above). You’ll need at least one unit of power to power up the Gravity Drive in Starfield.

To do this on Xbox, use the left and right inputs on the D-pad to select power, and up and down on the D-pad to increase or decrease the amount of power in the specific system.

Over on PC, however, you’ll need to hold the ALT key and use WASD to re-allocate your ship’s power supply.

Sometimes, you’ll need to take power out of a system that you’re not using like, say, the Shields, Engines or your Missiles. Then, once the Gravity Drive is powered, you’ll be able to use it to Grav Jump to another system.

How to Grav Jump During Combat

Once you’ve powered up your Gravity Drive, you’ll be able to Grav Jump to another system even if you’re in the middle of combat. The key to this is to be quick. Simply, head into your Starmap and select a planet in another system to jump to.

Depending on how much power you’ve allocated into your Gravity Drive, the time it takes to jump will vary. So, if you’ve only allocated one power unit to your Gravity Drive, it’ll take you a longer than, say, if you’d allocated four units into the Gravity Drive. As long as the enemies do not damage your Grav Drive before you jump, you’ll be able to shout “Sayanara Suckers!” like a real space-faring legend.

And with that, we conclude our guide on how to power up your gravity drive in Starfield. For more, here’s what GRV means and what happened to earth. Alternatively, feel free to explore our further coverage down below before you go.

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