Free Valorant Cosmetics Available For Prime Members Thanks to a Renewed Partnership With Riot

Give me the loot.

Prime Gaming will bring free cosmetics to Valorant and other Riot Games

Prime Gaming has renewed its partnership with Riot Games for the remainder of 2023, which is set to bring a bunch of free cosmetics to the publisher’s biggest games. Players of games such Valorant, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and more can look forward to free rewards if they’re also signed up for Prime. The partnership will also see Prime’s continued sponsorship of major Riot esports events, including the Valorant Champions Tour.

“Prime Gaming has been a longstanding partner for Riot, and we’re proud to share a mutual commitment toward providing deeper experiences that make it more rewarding to be a fan,” said John Needham, president of Eesports for Riot Games in a press release sent to Twinfinite. “We’re proud to have a partner like Prime Gaming supporting our broad fan base across LoL Esports, the VALORANT Champions Tour, and Teamfight Tactics.” 

Prime members will have an opportunity to claim the following offers:  

  • League of Legends — Beginning in March, the Prime Gaming Capsule includes a Mystery Skin Permanent (guaranteed epic), a Champion Permanent, 350 Riot Points, 30-day XP boost, Mystery Ward Skin, two Series 1 Eternal Shards, and 200 Orange Essence. 
  • Teamfight Tactics — Beginning in April, for the first time, Prime members can claim content every month for an entire year (12 drops total) for the leading autobattler. This will include Emote, Icon, Little Legend and Star Shard bundle content.
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift — Beginning in March, Prime members can grab content every month for an entire year (12 drops total) for the mobile game. Content will include random Baubles, Emotes, Recalls, Skins, and Skin Poses.
  • Valorant — Beginning in March, players can grab timed-exclusive core content every month for an entire year (12 drops total) for VALORANT gameplay. Planned content includes Player Cards, Gun Buddies and Sprays.
  • Legends of Runeterra — Beginning in March, Prime members can claim content on a monthly basis including: Tier 3 Prismatic Chests, Epic Cards and Rare Cards.

“We’re thrilled to continue our successful promotion with Riot Games,” Josh Dodson, director of Prime Gaming, weighed in. “It’s clear to us that Prime Gaming members deeply value the regular content for several of Riot’s biggest and most popular games that we’ve offered to date. We’re excited to build on this success and continue delivering incredible value for Prime Gaming members and Riot fans.”

Max Boigon, head of strategic alliances & partnerships at Riot Games, also added:

“Expanding the partnership with Prime Gaming across our games and esports is a win for players around the World, who will continue to enjoy benefits that enhance their fandom. As we grow our portfolio of games and broader entertainment experiences, we are excited Prime Gaming is continuing along for this journey, sharing our long-term mission of making it better to be a player across the Riot ecosystem.” 

In related news, Valorant’s latest update Patch 6.05 has made a bunch of small but notable improvements to Gekko’s utility.

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