Warzone 2 DMZ Players Blast “Stupid” Mode Reset Confirmed for Season 4

Warzone 2's DMZ reset has not gone down well.

Warzone 2 characters in DMZ Activision

Warzone 2 DMZ players have again criticized the mode’s upcoming reset, due to arrive with Season 4 on June 14.

On May 31, Infinity Ward revealed a series of changes coming to DMZ with Season 4. Among new missions and yet-to-be-announced content, it confirmed that a mode reset will drop, similar to the one players experienced with Season 2. It’ll reset contraband, key, and mission inventories as well as Insured Weapon Slots.

While it’s a fairly established approach, especially in extraction shooters (see Escape From Tarkov ‘wipes’), it doesn’t appear to have gone down well with CoD’s player base, many of whom consider it reversing the progress they’ve made by playing DMZ.

It’s certainly a new mechanic for Call of Duty, with players used to new seasons simply building on their previous progress, rather than resetting aspects of their profiles.

Among the most prominent critics was YouTuber Mr Dalek, who tweeted: “IW have just announced that EVERYTHING is getting reset in DMZ with Season 4”, alongside a meme of Captain America saying “Damn it not again.” 

Others agreed, with one player describing it as “stupid” in response. 

Specific criticism centered on undoing the progress players have made, alongside worries that the “new ways” to earn Insured Weapon Slots will involve pay-to-win mechanics. The Slots are valuable to players because it means they can drop in with a weapon they’re guaranteed to return to the lobby with – even if they fail to successfully extract.

The devs have come in for criticism in the past for adding purchasable bundles to the game that give players inherent benefits in-game, like UAVs. There’s no indication right now that the Insured Weapon Slots will be tweaked in this way but it’s clear that it’s featuring in players’ minds.

One Redditor mocked the changes, saying: “Exciting, they just reset everything.”

Another was frustrated at the apparent targeting of Solo players, for whom making progress is much more difficult than those who play in a larger party.

Even players who approached the mode in Duos to cut the time taken to progress shared their annoyance at being reset after weeks of grinding DMZ.

Despite the criticism, it’s set to come when June 14 rolls around and Season 4 begins. We’re expecting a new Warzone 2 map, called Vondel, to drop. It is thought that Vondel will support DMZ mode in the future, even if it doesn’t come with the season’s inception. 

Naturally, we’ll have everything DMZ covered, in and beyond Season 4. 

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