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Thirsty Leon Fans Have Already Found a Way to Make Him Shirtless in the RE4 Remake Demo

Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Shirtless Leon Mod
Image Credit: rt134 on Nexus Mods

Thirsty Leon Fans Have Already Found a Way to Make Him Shirtless in the RE4 Remake Demo

A true work of art.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo was recently released, and the modding community is already working hard. Some mods are pretty standard, like a Reshade mod that allows players to improve the game’s look, but others can be rather spicy. One modder has even decided to grant the world the blessing of witnessing Leon’s naked upper body.

Modder rt134 has recently uploaded the Shirtless Leon mod on Nexus, and it has gained quite a bit of attention by becoming the third most popular item in the Resident Evil 4 (2023) section. It is only beaten by Fluffy Mod Manager and REFramework, which are essential tools to enable modding for the game.

The mod is quite simple since it only changes Leon‘s default costume. Instead of wearing his professional and sensible outfit, the protagonist has now entered the hostile European village barechested. It is certainly one way to assert your dominance over the locals.

Some players who installed the mod have shared their findings online, with one Tweet gaining decent attention. Fans are definitely not holding back in showing their interest in seeing shirtless Leon running around and fighting the townspeople.

As usual, you can only install mods if you are playing on PC (my deepest condolences to Playstation and Xbox players). Do note that if you want to use the Shirtless Leon mod, you will need to download the Fluffy Mod Manager first.

It is a useful program that is required to run various Resident Evil 4 Remake mods. Besides allowing you to get a half-naked Leon, it also lets you install the Maid Leon mod from Nexus, which forces the protagonist to wear a maid outfit.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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