Night in the Woods Creators Found New Worker Cooperative The Glory Society

The Glory Society, Night in the Woods, Scott Benson, Bethany Hockenberry

The Glory Society, a worker cooperative founded by two of the creators behind the runaway indie hit Night in the Woods, has officially been unveiled.

Revealed on Mar. 4 via Twitter, the cooperative is a worker owned and operated team dedicated to video game development. Members of the cooperative will make decisions regarding game development and actions made by the company collectively.

The cooperative is currently comprised of three members: Bethany Hockenberry, a Pittsburgh-based writer and researcher; Scott Benson, a Pittsburgh-based jack of all trades with experience as a director, writer, artist and animator; and Wren Farren, a Colorado-based artist and musician.

Hockenberry and Benson are two of the original creators behind Night in the Woods, while Farren has made a name for herself with comics, animation and indie game development.

“[W]e’re a small crew to start out with, as is the prudent and responsible thing to do, but we’ll be expanding this year. More on that as it happens,” the team wrote in a thread tied to their initial announcement.

Though no official announcement was made on what The Glory Society will be designing, it did reveal that they currently have two projects in the works.

“We’ve got a couple projects in the oven,” the team wrote. “You’ll hear about one sooner and one way later.”

Likewise, the team is holding off on officially revealing the project that is further along until they’re “good and ready.”

The announcement concluded by pointing those interested in keeping up with announcements from The Glory Society toward the cooperative’s official Twitter account as well as the team’s official website.

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