Meta Quest 2 & Quest Pro Get Major Performance Enhancements & Price Drops

This kind of improvement usually doesn't come without at least a knock on the door.

meta quest 2 price drop with release of meta quest 3 Image Source: Meta

Meta’s current generation of VR headsets, the Quest 2 and Quest Pro are receiving a significant boost in performance out of only a software update, allowing developers to do more with the VR devices.

With the announcement of the Meta Quest 3 came the additional footnote that the Quest 2 models will not only be receiving drops in their prices, but that they will getting maintained through software updates alongside the Quest Pro. The Quest 2 will cost $299.99 for the 128 GB model and $349.99 for the 256 GB model, starting June 4.

Meta also announced that both the Quest 2 and Quest 2 Pro are going to receive a software update that will greatly improve processing speeds. They claim that both headsets will receive a boost in CPU performance of up to 26%, and in terms of GPU performance, the Quest 2 will get a 19% increase and the Quest Pro will get an 11% increase.

These improvements will go hand-in-hand with the enabling of Dynamic Resolution Scaling, all serving the goal of giving developers more breathing room in what the devices are capable of. Meta is claiming that these improvements will allow for smoother graphics and textures and a more responsive UI, which are always more than welcome.

Both the reductions in price and the performance enhancements should open the door for more players and more developers to enter into the realm of VR. Those who might not be able to swing the $499.99 for the Quest 3 when it comes out will now have a much more accessible option, and they can take comfort in the fact that they can still get updates that improve their experience.

The Meta Quest 2 will be dropping in price on June 4, but there was no specific date given for when the software update will roll out.

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