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Major Limitations Are Coming to Pokemon GO Remote Raid Passes

pokemon go remote raid pass changes
Image Source: Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Major Limitations Are Coming to Pokemon GO Remote Raid Passes

The Remote Raid Pass apocalypse is upon us.

The day that Pokemon GO players have been dreading has finally arrived. After more than one month of speculation about the future of Remote Raid Passes, it looks like Niantic is finally putting its foot down and committing to the return of in-person play following the cooling down of the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides the limitations being implemented, there are a few more changes that will incentivize players to do raids in person.

First off, the big change that fans are likely to be up in arms about over the next few days is the restriction being put on how many Remote Raid Passes can be used each day. Previously, there was no limit other than a player’s bank account. Now, it’ll only be possible to do five remote raids per day. Niantic also indicated that this limitation may change periodically during events.

On top of that, the cost of Remote Raid Passes will be increased to 535 PokeCoins (currently 300) for a pack of three and a single pass will go for 195 PokeCoins (currently 100). One minor note about buying Remote Raid Passes is that it’ll still be possible to hold a total of five by purchasing a three-pack while there are two in your bag.

To further push players to physically go to raids, there will be a three-pack of Premium Battle Passes added to the shop available for 250 PokeCoins. Additionally, players who participate in raids in-person will receive more Candy XL than before.

Finally, it was revealed that Remote Raid Passes will be added to the list of possible items that players can get from their weekly research breakthroughs. If a trainer already has three of these passes in their bag, then it’ll become a Premium Battle Pass instead.

The official post from Niantic about the changes coming to Remote Raid Passes can be found right here.

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