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Bizarre The Last of Us Subreddit Rule is Relevant For the Grossest Reason

The Last of Us 2 Clicker being aimed at in-game
Naughty Dog

Bizarre The Last of Us Subreddit Rule is Relevant For the Grossest Reason

You probably don’t want to know.

The Last of Us has grown from an acclaimed video game to a pop-culture phenomenon on the back of HBO’s acclaimed TV adaptation starring Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. With the first nine-episode season in the books and fans looking forward to a second season already, it’s fair to assume some are diving into the games for the first time.

As a result, they may be heading over to the game’s subreddit to delve into discussion around the games and, as that happens, a bizarre rule has resurfaced and confused fans of the games and TV show alike.

Highlighted by one Redditor on March 22, the rule prohibits contributors from posting “screenshots of… clicker genitalia”.

That’s right – people were posting graphic and explicit images of clicker genitalia to the game’s subreddit.

In case you’ve not played The Last of Us series, Clickers are one of the terrifying types of Infected players can encounter. They’ve been colonized by Cordyceps in such a way that their appearance is that of a human-fungus hybrid creature.

Naughty Dog / HBO via Twinfinite

In The Last of Us 2, a lot of Clickers players encounter are in torn and destroyed garments and some are even fully naked. As a result, it became fairly common for fans to post explicit images of Clickers to the game’s subreddit – necessitating the introduction of a rule to ban it.

Here’s hoping that, however HBO choose to adapt The Last of Us 2, certain aspects of Naughty Dog’s sequel don’t translate over (you can guess which).

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