Apple Reveals Vision Pro AR Headset, & No, You Probably Cannot Afford It

So this is how the other half lives.

Apple Vision Pro AR Headset Image Source: Apple

As part of the 2023 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has revealed their newest entry into the tech landscape in the form of the Vision Pro.

Boasting itself as ushering in the “era of spatial computing”, the headset puts an operating system at your fingertips and, I suppose, eyetips. Its features include a 3D camera, immersive spatial audio, and on the gaming front, controller support with over 100 Apple Arcade titles available on day one.

Also noteworthy, a vaguely unnerving exterior display of your eyes will allow passersby to gain insight as to whether you are presently immersed in an app. It’s somewhat akin to being stared at by a particularly futuristic skiing instructor.

Apple Vision Pro AR Headset
Image Source: Apple

Enticed yet? The Vision Pro starts at a modest cost of $3,499, placing it in some rarefied air on the affordability front. With the amount of bells and whistles packed in, this is not exactly unreasonable, but for some of us, getting our hands on it is likely little more than a pipe dream. For the cost of one Vision Pro, you could instead cop:

  • Two 1/4 scale Lady Dimitrescu statues
  • Six PlayStation 5 console bundles
  • Seven Meta Quest 3 VR headsets
  • 50 copies of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • Infinite quantities of actual reality (quantity variable dependent on your willingness to accept said reality)

Eager tech heads can get this tech on their head when the Vision Pro launches sometime early next year. Will you be throwing the funds down for this beauty? Or would you rather surround yourself with a pair of Dimitrescu’s? We won’t judge your answer, but honestly, that second option is pretty hard to pass up.

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