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Strinova Character Tier List & Best Builds (July 2024)

I only play Meredith. Don't judge me!

If you’ve played other hero shooters like Valorant and Overwatch, then you know that playing suboptimal picks can be detrimental both to your win ratio and KDA. So, it’s always best to familiarize yourself with the meta beforehand. To help you do exactly that, here is our ultimate Strinova character tier list!

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Strinova Beta Test Character Tier List & Builds

RankingCharacter Name
SCelestia, Ming, Michele
AKokona, Reiichi, Nobunaga, Maddalena, Fuchsia
BMeredith, Bai Mo, Audrey, Flavia
CYvette, Lawine, Kanami

S Tier Strinova Characters

  • Celestia — ARs are the best guns in Strinova, and the shield regen she provides is invaluable. Plus, her second Awakening is just broken. She is simply a must-have for ranked.
    • Buy order: CD -10s/+1 Charge (depending on mode) – Light Regen Armor – Magazine Capacity – Paper Move SPD
  • Ming — Plasma Ball is insanely good for pushing camping enemies. Plus, she gets armor regen from her Awakenings, which combo well with Celestia’s active. She is simply the best for entry fragging.
    • Buy order: Headshot Damage – Duration +3s – Heavy Armor – +50% Armor Steal
  • Michele — The biggest difference between her and other characters that can detect is that her turrets are something that enemies simply have to deal with. That will give you an opportunity to get a drop on them or take control of an area. She is literally the queen of map control.
    • Buy order: Headshot DMG – Light Regen Armor – +1 Charge – Spread Control – Base DMG

A Tier Strinova Characters

  • Kokona — She is the most beginner-friendly character in Strinova, in my opinion. Her heals are great for every game mode, and you can deal consistent damage with her sniper even if you don’t aim for the head.
    • Buy order: ADS Speed – First Aid HP +50 – Light Regen Armor – Rechambering SPD – Reload SPD
  • Reiichi — His active is one of the best map control utilities in the game. Plus, his gun, Awakenings, and upgrades are all really strong. However, he has really long cooldowns, which good players will know to exploit.
    • Buy order: Recoil Handling – Paper Move SPD – Duration +5s – CD -1.5s – Magazine Capacity – ADS Speed
  • Nobunaga — The survivability of the 1st Awakening can come in clutch against snipers. Plus, the ability to teleport on Awakening 3 is OP if you know how to use it. However, it requires a lot of skill to utilize his whole kit efficiently.
    • Buy order: Full Auto Mode – Light Regen Armor – Firing Rate and Usability – +50 – Magazine Capacity – Spread Control
  • Maddelena — She is easily S-tier for competitive. That’s because everyone good will almost permanently be in Paper mode, and her active disabling it can easily win you rounds. However, to casuals who don’t even use skills much, she might seem weak.
    • Buy order: +1 Charge – Exposure Duration +3s – Headshot DMG – Recoil Handling – Spread Control
  • Fuchsia — One of the best characters for clutching rounds. She can sense enemies, gain move speed, and can even get regen on her own by going around the map once you get the Awakening 1. The self-res on Awakening 2 is just icing on the cake. Playing her requires a lot of skill, though.
    • Buy order: Light Regen Armor – Duration +3s – Paper Move SPD – Base DMG

B Tier Strinova Characters

  • Meredith — Her map control is amazing, but it only becomes OP after you get the 3rd Awakening. Plus, you might need to sacrifice progression to get extra armor first. I just can’t rank her higher because of that.
    • Buy order: Light Armor (skippable) – +1 Charge – Weaker Airborne Gravity – Headshot DMG – Recoil Handling – Spread Control
  • Bai Mo — He might seem OP if you are new and playing against him, but the higher you go, the better people become at countering him. The only thing you need to do is try to slow him down or exhaust his active. Then, he is basically harmless.
    • Buy order: Reload SPD – Light Regen Armor – CD -5s – Duration +0.5s
  • Audrey — She is beginner-friendly and excellent for holding a position, but she needs a support. Also, being stationary is generally bad in this game. So, you’ll need to get that 3rd Awakening to make her pop off.
    • Buy order: Heavy Armor – Max Shield – Base DMG
  • Flavia — She is really hard to play but can be rewarding. Her whole invincibility gimmick needs to be used cautiously, and you simply need to hit your shots. Otherwise, you’ll die for nothing more times than not.
    • Buy order: Headshot DMG – Butterfly Duration +2s – Light Regen Armor – Paper Move SPD

C Tier Strinova Characters

  • Yvette — Strinova is a game where you’ll rarely want to stand idle, and you’ll have to do a lot of that as Yvette. The worst thing is that a lot of her stats are wasted on mobility by default. I simply can’t see her being good in ranked.
    • Buy order: Sprint SPD – Light Regen Armor – CD -10s – Headshot DMG – Spread Control – Stealth Entry SPD
  • Lawine — Pulse Blade is good for retakes and general map control. However, you’ll need the Awakenings for that, making the early game with her extremely underwhelming.
    • Buy order: Headshot DMG – CD -5s – Light Regen Armor – Paper Move SPD
  • Kanami — She has similar utility to Lawine, though her Awakenings are better. Still, if you want to play a sniper, there are better options in the game.
    • Buy order: CD -5s – Duration +0.25s – Light Regen Armor – Paper Move SPD – ADS Speed

Choosing which character to play in Strinova should be much easier now that you’ve gone through our tier list and learned which ones are the best. Also, stay tuned to Twinfinite to stay up to date on the meta state in other gachas, such as Idle Angels, MNC, and Astra: Knights of Veda.

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