Scars Above Hermes Door Code Solution

Time to get through that pesky door.

What Is the Hermes Door Code in Scars Above? Answered Image Source: Mad Head Games via Twinfinite

From the start of Scars Above, the goal is for Kate to figure out what happened to the ship and the crew. However, once the ship is found, players will have a little bit of a puzzle to figure out how to get into the room where Mike is being held. Here’s the code for the door on the Hermes in Scars Above.

Code for the Hermes Door in Scars Above

You don’t need to scour the ship (though it’s a small area) to use the door code and progress the story in Scars Above. If you want to skip all of that, you can instead type in the code whenever you want. It is 062010 in front of the door to the room you first constructed VERA.

Hermes Door Code
Image Source: Mad Head Games via Twinfinite

You’ll find it on the back of a photograph of Kate and Tamara, but you don’t need to find it to use the code.

Once the story bit on the Hermes has been completed, you will be locked out of any backtracking for a long while, so only input the code if you are sure that you have collected all of the XP on the path to get here.

It is also certainly recommended that you still explore the Hermes, as you’ll find a keycard that will lead to an upgrade for the Electric Cutter melee weapon that is required for a trophy/achievement. Other than this, there are only a few notes and voice logs to find to fill in a few gaps in the story.

Continuing forward in the story from here will eventually bring you face-to-face with the Construct boss.

This is everything you need to know for what code to input at the door on the Hermes in Scars Above. Check out the links below for more guides on Scars Above.

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